[Pdf free] Results from the Heart: How to Instill Commitment from Your Employees By Helping Them to Fully Develop Their Talents

Snippet : Results from the Heart introduces a new and helpful approach to improving job performance, improving job satisfaction, and helping organizations better respond to the rapid changes that are an inherent part of today’s business environment. Mr. Suzaki recognizes that a motivated and engaged workforce should be part of any strategy to obtain and maintain competitive advantage. –Carl Stern, CEO, The Boston Consulting Group Since the publication of Frederick Taylor’s The Principles of Scientific Management, managers have relied on logic to compel action. Now Kiyoshi Suzaki, one of the world’s leading experts on enlarging the talents, self-esteem, and growth of the individual employee, argues that logic alone cannot move people to act. Productivity problems are inextricably linked to self-esteem, he argues, and worst of all to a prodigious waste of individual talent. But each solution is personal, Suzaki concludes, and found only within ourselves. “To find meaning and purpose at work we must use our brain,” Suzaki says, “but listen to our heart.” In Zenlike fashion he proposes that each of us ask ourselves a series of questions to determine the degree to which our brain is engaged with our heart. The framework around which this selfquestioning takes place is a groundbreaking concept that Suzaki calls “the mini-company.” The author demonstrates how, within the larger workplace, each job is endowed with an almost spiritual meaning when each person — at every level — becomes president of his or her own area of responsibility. With simple diagrams, Suzaki shows how your boss becomes your banker or venture capitalist and your peers become your immediate suppliers or customers. The results are nothing short of astonishing. In Results from the Heart, Suzaki describes thousands of mini-companies he has “founded” during his worldwide consulting assignments. In most cases in which unhappy employees had previously “followed instructions like robots,” there have been spectacular increases in both morale and productivity. If it is true that work is a journey, this manifesto for a more humane definition of the way we work is the roadmap.

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The consequence is that job markets have changed dramatically, and that outdated assumptions for employment have grow to be invalid. The notion of working for one employer for forty plus years is not attainable because industries, enterprises, and sorts of employment change quickly.